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I’m not sharing this Huffington Post article so much for the headlined story, but the slideshow that follows the main article. It lists 48 cases of teachers committing sex crimes against their underage students. What threw me is only 3 of the offenders are men.

I did not expect that.

Last week my fiancee and I looked at schools for our daughter to start in January. I remember thinking about one particular school, “I feel more comfortable all the teachers here are women.” I think I thought that because there’s a deep-seeded paranoia all fathers exhibit against all men regarding their little girls. We just assume the worst to better defend against it. That slideshow really caught me off-guard. Despite our most certain convictions, you just never know. People are fucked up.

This got me thinking — why do we as a society assume in most cases sex offenders are men? I suppose random or public offenses would point mostly to men since they have the physical strength or prowess to pull something off. Same with controlled environments mainly populated by adults, such as the workforce — men can manipulate and force other adults into situations easier than women, and the offenders are often in positions with resources to cover up misdeeds.

Why is the ratio so diverse when the main environment is schools? 48-3 tells a disparate story.

My main hypothesis is men go through a more scrutinizing hiring process, be it by design or otherwise. Upon entering the education system, a man’s background check is likely more rigorously examined than a woman’s and the screening process is more intense. If true, this is only part of the answer why there are drastically fewer male offenders than female in schools — they’ve been weeded out through the system. Beyond that I don’t really have any answers. Unfortunately, all parents deserve them.


It’s difficult to blame the school for letting Cook go, but either she and her fiancee should have been fired or neither.

Starbucks lady does not approve of my far superior cup of Tim Hortons.


Please welcome the latest — and likely final (for some time) — addition to the Liegl tribe, POE the kitten!

Today’s my birthday and I’ve always wanted a kitten! We actually purchased this little fella at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA on Father’s Day but he wasn’t ready for pick up until now. He gets along great with my daughter, but our other cats (Noah, age 8-ish & Zelda, age 2.5-ish) haven’t really taken to him. He’s all spry and happy and tries to play, but they just hiss at him. It’s OK — they’ll get over it. OH, and we aren’t crazy cat people. The human to cat ratio in our household is locked in at 3.

Also, I understand my phone’s camera blows, but he’s a tough dude to capture.

Day 4 of our Hawaii vacation was full of memories for my fiancée Pam. She was born on Maui in a town called Wailuku and we spent the day visiting locations she lived with her mom, her middle school, high school and a bunch of other places. This was the first real look at her past I’ve ever had and seeing these landmarks of her life turned into an unexpected spiritual experience for me. Gorgeous views along the way only bolstered this feeling. Of course we spent time with the Boon Monster too, and the day was capped with a beautiful rainbow viewed from our room window.

Day 3 of our Hawaii vacation in Maui was all about the Banyan Tree and walking the town of Lahaina! Here are some scenic shots sprinkled with plenty of looks at the baby and family.

Day 2 of our vacation to Maui was all about adjusting to the time change and letting the baby have some fun. Here are some scenic shots, but mostly photos of the Boon Monster having a blast!

My Hawaii vacation commenced today at 4am when my fiancee, the Boon Monster and I took to the Metro Red Line in Hollywood for a rendezvous with the FlyAway Bus at Union Station.


On the plane, the Boon Monster discovered the wonders of headphones for the first time and became DJ Monster. She’s all like, “This is my B, The Mom.” This was something like her 5th time flying and easily the best she’s ever behaved. In a 12 hour span, all said and done, she only threw two minor hissy fits. Easily a highlight of the day.


Our rental car. Note the missing headlight. Not pictured: the sandalicious interior, not-working seatbelt and damaged dashboard. First World problems to be sure, but it may be worth it for my parents to reconsider where they decide to cut corners.


These little guys are everywhere! The Common Myna is like the pidgeon of Hawaii — only not repulsive and disease ridden. Or frequently seen missing a leg.


With food shopping done and the fridge stocked with the local flavor of Kona Brewing Company & Hawaii Nui Brewing, this vacation has officially begun!


On a total tangent, I finished “Dune: The Butlerian Jihad” last night, my second experiencing of the novel. Reading 30+ comics a week has absolutely destroyed my attention span for prose, so banging this baby out in under a month wasn’t easy — it’s my first cover-to-cover prose read in over 3 years. I told myself I’d read every single “Dune” book in 2013, and had to bang this one out last night so as to bring along “Dune: The Machine Crusade” to Hawaii.


As previously stated, fall and winter are my favorite times of year for beer — I love all the seasonal selections, from breweries both big and small. Picked up the Samuel Adams seasonal 12 pack as well as the Pyramid line-up recently. Loved all the Sam Adams beers, especially “Old Fezziwig” & “White Christmas,” but aside from “Snow Cap,” it became as difficult as beer drinking can get to finish off the Pyramid brews. That “Chai” beer was atrocious and tasted like cigarette water.



This is as far as I go with food porn — Pumpkin all the things!

Man, I love pumpkin flavored everything. I can’t recall anything I’ve eaten in my life pumpkin flavored I didn’t like. So good! Anyone out there have recipes to share?

Side note: It’s pure villainy for the local grocery store chain near my apartment to not stock Count Chocula, Franken Berry nor Boo Berry but have an enormous display of Halloween-themed Pop-Tarts. Granted, some of them are pumpkin flavored, but still. Villainy, I say!

Water. In an Aquaman glass. Appropriate.

This however is just weird.

Seriously — how did my daughter end up on Aquaman’s shoulder?

While going through an old photo album (the digital kind) I came across this shot of the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, NY, connecting the United States with our neighbors to the north, Canada. I was working as the mascot of Niagara Falls State Park at the time — Rainbow Bear and stopped for this quick photo.

Rainbow existed. Google him.

Anyway, this is one of the few decent photographs I’ve ever taken. Just look at that late summer Western New York sky reflecting off the Niagara River!

Found this photo today by Yves Adams and stared at it for a really long time, playing out the battle in my mind.

Click to enlarge

I’d put my money on the Golden Eagle.

I love the harvest beers brewers put out this time of year — Octoberfests and Pumpkin Ales are some of my favorite brew choices. Granted, I usually can’t drink more than one or two at a time, but I’m drinking it for the taste not the buzz. Although that’s nice, too.

Anyone out there have a favorite harvest brew? I’m game to track down tasty options!

Picked this up at the local Ralph’s Market tonight amidst visions of Franken Berry dancing in my head. I hope it’s delicious.

My initial reaction is I wish it were this childhood delight:

Too bad all existing boxes are stale — even the “nets” were tasty.

Spent today in the Niagara Falls area, revisiting places from the past — including an old living space and work place. Crazy how time can feel like it stands still.

South 7th St.

View of the Niagara River from The Waterstreet Landing restaurant patio.

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